By | November 30, 2016

2016 CSIR Summer Vacation Programme to Apply

Good chance for both honors post graduate and undergraduate students who expect to develop and enhance their skill for practical experience, since CSIR offers summer vacation programme. Let it alone, the main purpose of this programme is to cater students better understanding for the implementation of research and development of peculiar project that relevant to this programe which main interest on technology, mathematics, science and engineering. Nevertheless, this programme is made for those students who are now aiming for bachelor degree on; computer, electronic, biomedical, mechanical, industrial, aeronautical, civil and built.
Else, you are also allowed to apply for CSIR summer vacation opportunity if you aim for honours degree for chemical engineering, biochemistry, computer science and its related areas. In addition, bachelor technology in chemical engineering, metallurgical engineering, chemistry and some others. Too, national diploma in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and so on, can apply for this programme. The rest is bachelor’s degree for information technology, environmental science, applied mathematics, material science, economics, statistics, and plenty others. If you can afford the qualification above, you are encouraged to apply for CSIR programme.
Be sure you prepare anything that you need for this programme like your recent academic records of the qualification and comprehensive curriculum vitae before its closing date on November 26th 2015. Submit your application for CSIR summer vacation programme through Make sure that you complete your application by mentioning both your name and surname, field of study, and position title which is located on the subject line. For instance, you can write it this way; John Doe/Vacation Work/Reference No/Btech/Chemical Engineering. Let it alone, but be sure that you write everything right without you skip anything. You need to remember as well that this opportunity exclusively for students who pursue those above majors. If you are not, then this programme is not for you.