By | November 29, 2016

2016 Landys + Gyr Graduate Internship Programme

Getting more experiences in order to find the best way in finding better future job is really important. There are so many things you have to prepare in your life to get the better future. In case of making your career to be promising, it is also important for you to get the experience in doing things like the internship for improving your skill. In this case, the Landys + Gyr Internship will help you in making your skill to be improved and you can also get the experience which is valuable for you to be your capital in the future job.
There are some key competences which you have to get for this Landys + Gyrinternship program. The competencies will be really helpful for you so that you will get your internship to be done perfectly. This is also important for you to fulfil because you will be considered by these competencies like the analytical skills, report writing, team player, innovative, computer literate, good listener, open minded, communication both for verbal and written, and also the ability to work under pressure. Be sure that you can fulfil those competencies to improve your skills. This will be really helpful for you so that you can find easiness in doing your things.
The Landys + Gyrinternship is actually addressed to the Indian and the coloured skin people. Besides, this internship program is also addressed for the ones who have the degree or national diploma in purchasing, chain supply, procurement or logistics. If you are interested to this program, you can get the application to the by embedding the current CV and also the certified copies of your transcripts, the ID copy and also the certified driver’s license copies before the due date on 25 September 2015 to apply for this internship program.