By | November 30, 2016

2016 Nissan Graduate Internship Program

Students from Human Resource, Marketing, Commercial, Finance, and Engineering for Chemical Industrial, and Mechanical– you are invited to apply for Nissan graduate internship that is designed for 2016. Widen your chance for graduate internship at Nissan, you should be an individual who are; self-inspired, ambitious, talented, and progressive. The graduate internship at Nissan is a two year training program where you will access necessary knowledge for skill developments that you need for your future career.
In details, interns at Nissan graduate internship program will get privilege for a prospect of permanent job at Nissan, in-depth experience related to the industry, you gain specialization based on your preference major, supportive environment, skill and knowledge improvement with the chosen field, appealing benefits, competitive income, and opportunity for career and personal growth. Have interest to join graduate internship at Nissan? Below you will find some additional information related to necessary documents, closing date, and where to send the application.
To send your application for Nisan graduate internship 2016 2017 & 2018, here are important document you should attach; cover letter (the short one or maximum two pages) where you put some logical reason about the thing that motivate you to join this program, RSA ID (copy), academic qualifications (copy), and academic transcripts (copy). Having all of those, send online your application directly to,, however if you meet with technical error when submitting, send it to instead. The deadline for the application will be on February 5th 2016. And yes, ensure that you won’t abuse the deadline, since the lateness for the application will be considered as unsuccessful. Guess what? A kind of graduate internship program like this one that is designed by Nissan, is quite rare since, it provides a permanent career potential for interns that display excellent performance during the training program that is conducted.