By | November 29, 2016

2016 NPA Prosecutor Trainership Programme

The essence of trainership programme is to let people who join in have more deeper insight toward the career path that they choose. For its benefit, many people look for this opportunity, nevertheless, if you are one of them and look for a prosecutor trainership programme, apply npa prosecutor trainership. The programme is located in some regions of South Africa they are; Westerm Cape, Northen Cape, Gauteng and other chosen regions. Apart from it, if you are interested toward this trainership opportunity, you must; (1) hold a degree of SA LLB or equal to it or a LLB student in final year, (2) familiar with civil procedure, criminal law, law of evidence, and interpretation of statues, (3) SA citizen and older than 35 years old.
In case you pass, then you need to join a 12 month trainership programme, within the programme of npa prosecutor trainership, there are there main things you should manage, they are; administering prosecutions and assisting any related stuffs, behave as guard for criminal law, and stand for public needs in process of criminal justice. In the way to do the duties mentioned previously, there are some conditions you better understand as well, one of them is a written contract between you as an aspirant prosecutor and npa.
During your trainerhip programme you will gain allowance R150 384.00 to R174 525.00 per year. Now is about how to apply for this trainerhip opportunity. You need to send current CV in five pages max, cerified copy of ID and other related qualifications. The application should be given in form Z83. To get this application form for npa prosecutor trainership, go to public service department nearest you or visit Send your application to or you can send it though fax by dialing 012 843 3939 by or before its closing date on July 21st 2015. Further question, you can contact Martha Dhlamini at 012 845 6549 or Gija Maswanganyi at 012 845 6944.