By | November 29, 2016

2016 TETA Bursary Scholarship to Apply

Are you young people with excellence study background but deal with hassle when it comes to financial issue? Then, you better consider bursary scholarship from TETA. However, here are some conditions for you if you want to apply for TETA bursary scholarship opportunity for 2016. Concerning to it, you must be matriculated or will matriculate inside HET and TVET institutions. Nevertheless, the coverage of the bursary itself will be around books, meal and tuition. Another information you better known toward this bursary opportunity is this one puts its focus on student with economic issue, female, and those people with disabilities.
Anyway, here are some lists of disciplines that will be covered by TETA bursary scholarship programme, related to it, they are; national diploma for electrical engineering (BSC), national diploma for IT and accounting (B-com), business management national diploma (BCOM), cost and management accounting (BCOM), private pilot license, transport management, air traffic support, engineering technician, financial management diploma for N2/N6, weather observation and many more which are related to transport industry. Next, to apply for a scholarship programme which its closing date is on August 15th2015 you need to download first its application form, Download Application Form for Undergraduate Students or Download Application Form for Postgraduate Students.
However, be sure that when downloading the application form, you pick the right category. For instance, if you are a post graduate student ensure you don’t mistakenly pick the one for undergraduate student, vice versa. Other requirements to join for this bursary opportunity; you must SA citizen under 53 years old, have all of the qualifications which needed for TETA bursary scholarship, and you must mention as well, how much money that is spent in each grade of your education year (1st, 2nd , and 3rd year). Send your application afterward to TETA 2015/16 Bursary Award, Private Bag X10016, Randburg 2125. Or else, you can directly bring it to its office in Western Cape or Kwazulu Natal.