By | November 29, 2016

2016 Tiger Brands Graduate Internship Program

When it comes to finding a good internship program, some of you might get stuck. Here, there is a chance for you from Tiger Brands Graduate Internship program which opens the opportunity for you who graduate from several disciplines required (chemical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial psychology, food technology or food science, logistics, marketing or management, and IT). Through this program, you can be placed in several positions at the end of the program.  Yet, because it is a big opportunity you can reach, several qualifications are needed for each disciplines. For the general qualification, you just need to master MS Word and MS excel as computer literate skill, and high potential to reach good achievement.
To join this program, you are expected to be able to analyze the productivity of people, capacity, efficiency, etc. related to industrial field. Several positions who are provided at the end of Tiger Brands Graduate Internship program for you are technical manager, human resource manager, production manager, supply chain manager, brand manager, customer manager, and IT personnel. Each position of course has special qualifications and responsibilities beside the general qualifications which are stated before. Take an example the responsibilities and qualifications of Human Resource manager are Bachelor of industrial psychology and are able to provide HR support function included all the administrative documentation and handle the employees’ information.
Apply Tiger Brands Chemical Engineering Internship Opportunity
To get closer with those chances, you can soon apply your application via online which is provided in tiger brands website. Follow the instruction on the online application form and make sure you apply before August 31st, 2015. You will firstly be asked to register in that website with your email, after that you can log in for applying. This opportunity will not come twice. That is why, prepare yourselves to join Tiger Brands Graduate Internship program.
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