By | November 29, 2016

AfriSam Bursary Program

The AfriSam bursary program can be the answer for anyone who needs a guarantee about the educational matter. The AfriSam is a company that has great excellent record in the world of business. In order to preserve the excellent record, this company is ready to select the chosen student with strong dedication and will. In the 2015, the company will offer bursary to the student who is willing to join the company. This is a great chance and there are a lot of students who would do anything to get the financial support. So, are a student that is capable of doing a hard task?
Are you ready to challenge the world? The AfriSam bursary program is able to lead you to the bright future. Unfortunately, the quota is limited. The undergraduate student who is still in the 2nd year will have the chance to get the bursary. This chance is specifically aimed to the students from South African University of Technology. Please note that only the talented students with a fine track record who are able to participate. Thus, the academic result must be equal to 65% or above it. What are you waiting for? This could be the only chance that you have.
Here, there are two positions that are available. Those are Civil Engineering and Mining Engineering. The choice is yours. If you are ready, you have to create an essay. It must contain about 500 words. The essay explains about the career that you pick. Do not forget to enclose Copy of ID, CV, and academic results (the latest version). Then, you can send it via email: Ntando Ngidi – with subject “Bursary 2015 – Diploma” Please submit the applications before 20 February 2015. If you sent your application after the closing date, it will not be accepted. This is your chance. You can be someone better. You can change your fate. Join the AfriSam bursary programnow.