By | November 30, 2016

Banking And Microfinance Graduate/Internship Program at Guarantee Trust For 2016

You realize that in the way to broaden your chance to achieve your future career, you need a proper preparation by taking benefit from graduate/internship program that is relevant to your territory. Nevertheless, if it is about banking area, banking and microfinance graduate/internship 2016 2017 and 2018 program that is set by Guarantee Trust is a worth noting, since you will gain all of the necessary knowledge that you need to win the tight competition between you and another graduates when it comes to employment opportunity. That being said, this graduate/internship program will be lasted for about five months.
Even so, for that short time of training is enough to help you to develop your skill toward banking territory. Considering to conquer banking and microfinance graduate/internship, you better have a qualification as Commerce Graduate in these following filed of studies; marketing, financial accounting, economics, finance, financial management, banking or another pertinent areas from either University of Technology or University. Aside from gaining thorough knowledge during the program, you will also get another benefits, such as; meals (for breakfast and lunch) and transport allowance. So what do you think? To apply for the program, you have two ways, first you can apply it online through
Second, you also can apply banking and microfinance graduate/internship opportunity by dialing these following numbers; (1) if you apply it from Johannesburg, then it is 011 205 0550, (2) for Durban, you better call 031 301 2744, and (3) in case you apply the graduate/internship in Cape Town, be sure to dial 012 948 2225. Else, just in case there is something you want to ask about the graduate/internship at Guarantee Trust, ensure that you will contact the Head Office via 011 466 3312 during office hours. For you information, the recipient of this graduate/internship will have chance to gain place in both microfinance and banking department. If you don’t expect to lose this chance, apply for it before its closing date on March 1st 2016.