By | November 20, 2016

Become A Pro Trader In South Africa

Today it seems that even an average-Joe can turn his luck and get rich overnight. Investor’s Journal reports on the truth behind this revolutionary new money making system.
Social media is ablaze. Apparently, anyone can earn millions easily, just like Jeremy P., a hard working family man from Birmingham (UK), who has been using this “secret system” to earn a lot of money.
Investors Journal investigates this “secret system” to see how much of it is true. The system is called copyop. For the first time ever, you have the ability to watch the moves of the best traders in the world and copy them automatically at the click of a button. You can actually earn just like they do without any previous market experience. When the trading pros you copy make money, so do you!
The system grew quite popular in USA, resulting in profits of thousands and even millions of dollars with minimal effort. The system was so popular, it could have turned the American working-class rich overnight. The trend soon reached the American political administration, fearing it might destabilize the financial situation in the US, they tried to conceal it. Luckily, this trading system is not restricted nor prohibited in Europe, and it is estimated that those who used it managed to earn over 10 million since January 2015. It should be emphasized that these newly rich individuals all held normal jobs, as security guards, construction workers, and some were even unemployed. Unlike old fashioned methods such as the lottery, there is no relying on blind luck to earn you great fortune, and all it requires is a few hours a week.
Before he discovered this “secret system” Jeremy a father of 3, used to work hard as a sales assistant in a warehouse, earning minimum wage. His wife Colleen used to be an assistant in a solicitor’s office.
Jeremy wrote an online diary describing his meteoric rise to riches. We are grateful to him for sharing his journey with us.

Day 1

I downloaded the free copyop app onto my smartphone and started copying. I received a phone call from a representative, who explained more about the platform, explaining that if I didn’t feel up to it, I could simply withdraw my money. It really helped ease my doubts. I deposited R1300 using my debit card, and I immediately received a 100% bonus. I now had R500 in my account. This really impressed me. I started by exploring the website. For my first trade, I copied a trader from Singapore who had recently made over 9,000 EUR trading USD/SEK. I took four investments for R50 each by simply clicking on the “Copy Now” button. It’s so simple and intuitive, even shopping on eBay is more complicated. I decided to call it a day, and switched off my phone and went to sleep early

Day 2

I woke up early and went to work, on the way I decided to check my investments. I logged into the mobile app, and to my surprise my balance had almost doubled itself! I couldn’t believe it, I made as much as my daily income while I was asleep! Feeling lucky, I decided to take more investments while I started my shift. I went to the Newsfeed tab again. This time I copied a German trader who’d made a tidy sum trading EUR/USD. On my lunch break I checked my phone again, and my balance had tripled itself! “This suits me fine”, I said to myself. “If this continues, I can say goodbye to my day job”.

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