By | November 28, 2016

Bursary Retail Business/Hospitality Management

Have interest in retail business or hospitality management industry, but you need a financial assistance in the same time? Then, if you are a South Africa citizen, you need to apply soon for bursary program that relate to retail business/hospitality management. Speaking of bursary opportunity, Shoprite caters you with bursary retail business/hospitality management that worth to apply. However, since the closing date of this bursary opportunity is not specified yet, therefore, you have chance to prepare yourself in order to meet the requirements that are needed by Shoprite bursary opportunity. Therefore, be prepared to become the successful applicants for this bursary opportunity.
However, this bursary opportunity is not for anybody. To apply and join for this bursary program, you must be honors students. Or, if you are not a honor student you must be a first, second and third year student. Addition, the selection is not stopping there. Joining bursary retail business/hospitality management, there are some qualification you need to require. So, what are they? To widen your chance to take benefit of this bursary opportunity, you must grasp similar to or more than 60% for your average, in the first six month of the completion for National Diploma in retail business/hospitality management or another qualification that equal to it.
Through this bursary opportunity, Shoprite put their expectation on you to be a fine Trainee Retail Manager in years to come that has huge interest to be placed in profitable management career path in the world of retail industry. For your information, the value of this bursary opportunity is around R30000 to R50000– so, apply for bursary retail business/hospitality management by Shoprite. Once again, the closing date is still unknown, it means you still have chance to prepare yourself in winning the bursary, not to mention, the more you prepare for this bursary opportunity (more if you have huge desire toward retail business/hospitality management), the better the result will be– and more if you are the internal applicants.