By | November 28, 2016

Coca Cola Human Resources Management Graduate/Internship Opportunity

For those who are interested in Human Resources Management, Coca Cola invites you to join for their graduate/internship opportunity that relates to that matter. Later, when you become the graduates for this program, you are allowed to join a 12 month training that designed only for successful graduates of Coca Cola Human Resources Management graduate/internship program. During the training, you have chance to grasp thorough knowledge toward human resources management. But, before that, you need to pass the requirements of this graduate/internship opportunity.
When it come to the requirements, they are; (1) you must have three years of third-stage education and Matric for HR or something equal to it, (2) you have HR experience for about 1 to 2 years (minimum), (3) to be a graduate for Coca Cola Human Resources Management graduate program, you must be able to speak English fluently, self-motivated, and know how to deliver high end service effectively to customers, (4) you must have driver’s license and you must geographically flexible, and (5) you must have excellency for both written and verbal communication skill. Hence, if you think you have all of those qualities above, you need to apply for this HR graduate opportunity that takes its location on Polokwane before January 27th 2015.
Nevertheless, to give you a bit envision about what kind of thing you should deal with when you are the chosen one for this graduate/internship program, here are some of them; Information system that relates to HR, recruitment, Relation Support for Employee, and HR administration. When you join to Coca Cola Human Resources Management graduate program, you need also responsible toward Support for Learning and Developing, Employee Engagement and many more. For more detail information and the way to apply for this graduate/internship opportunity, simply go to their official site will be helpful.
Apply for the Coca Cola Human Resource Graduate / Internship Opportunity