By | November 29, 2016

Columbus Stainless Steel Learnership Program

Metal industry is one of the most growing and also the most promising industries which can be your consideration when you are getting the program for your skill improvement. You can find so many new experiences when it comes to the Columbus Stainless Steel learnership program. The program will be available for you since this kind of program will help you a lot in making your path for further job experience. This learnership program is available for you who want to learn more about the equipment or process operator in the industry.
There are so many advantages for you which can be gotten when you get the experience in having the learnership program in Columbus Stainless Steel. In this case, you can get that the learnership program, which will be done under the good managerial boards. You can also find that the learnership program will be done in two years, which will help you to know deeper about the metal industry. The industry which is growing and keep improving will give you the easiness and also the better qualification after you have done the learnership because you will get the awards as the MERSETA Metals Manufacturing qualification as the NQF level 2 which can be potential for your further job and work.
If you are interested with this chance, you can get your qualification to be fulfilled with the need of the company. In this case, you have to pass the grade 12/N3 with the mathematics at 40% and the Maths Literacy at 60%. You can also find that your coordination ability between the eyes and the hands to be good. You have to also be the citizen of South Africa and you are willing to be the equipment or process operator and have the ability to fast learning. If you are going to send your application to Columbus Stainless Steel, you can send it to before 30 June 2015.