By | November 28, 2016

Contact Centre Learner At Discovery

Discovery is currently opened position for contact centre learner through its latest learnership that is designed for applicants who want to obtain qualification in contact centre services within financial services sector. Some points potential learners should know before applying contract centre learnership program are; (1) applicants should hold valid identity document of South African, (2) only 1 application that is accepted for contract centre learnership program, (3) possession of matric subjects & symbols that meet the learnership’s requirement, and (4) the learnership program that is announced will comply company’s employment equity policy and designed only for Gauteng applicants.
Contact Centre Learner At Discovery
Successfully becomes Discovery contact centre learner, the requirements should be met are; (1) applicants should hold Sough Africa citizenship, (2) obtain two languages at matric level or average 50% minimum (level 4), (3) hold matric qualification with maths and English minimum average 50% (level 4) or maths literacy with average 60% minimum, and second language qualification like native language or Afrikaans with average 50% or level 4, (4) your age should be around 18 to 30 years old and unemployed, (5) you have no previous learnership experience, (6) have skill in basic computer, (7) bold communication skill in English, and (8)huge passion in both computer service and computer system.
Applicant who meet the requirements to claim their position as Contact Centre Learner At Discovery, you can register and then apply for contact centre learnership online before the closing date of the said training program on October 31st. Successful learners of contact centre learnerhip will gain benefits that include; (1) qualification due to the completion of the learnership program in Contact Centre & Business Process Outsourcing Support (NQF level 3), and (2) successful learners will gain employment profile that is better when entering the industry. In short, learners of Discovery contact centre learnership program obtain better chance to win the career opportunity in contact centre territory.