CUT Department of Accounting and Auditing Courses Offered

CUT Department of Accounting and Auditing Courses Offered

The global competitive markets in which enterprises operate necessitate reliable, relevant and understandable financial information to base managerial, strategic and economic decisions upon in their quest to succeed and grow. This crucial information is provided by the Accounting and Auditing professions, which currently experiences a broad based shortage. You can assist South Africa in alleviating this shortage by studying a course in Accounting, Accounting Technicians, Cost and Management Accounting, Internal Auditing or Financial Information Systems.

All our programmes are aligned with local and even international professional bodies such as AAT, IIA, ISACA, SAIPA, IAC. During your journey to become a professional, you will be assisted by highly qualified and award-winning lecturers with years of experience in both industry and teaching.

In short, the Department of Accounting and Auditing can provide you with a practical, technology-focused qualification in accounting or auditing that will lead you to a professional career.

Head of Department 

Dr L Steenkamp

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