CUT Department of Information Diploma : Information Technology

CUT Department of Information Diploma : Information Technology

Qualification & Code


  • Campus


  • Duration of Programme

3 years

  • Enrolment Option(s)

Semester 1

  • SAQA Credits


  • NQF Level


  • Admission Requirements

National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification

  • Selection and/ or interview


Additional Admission Requirements

For candidates who matriculated in 2007 or before:

In addition to the general admission requirements, a minimum mark of 60% on Standard Grade or 40% on Higher Grade in Mathematics or Computer Studies is required.

For candidates who completed the NSC in 2008 and thereafter:

In addition to the general admission requirements, a minimum mark of 60% in Mathematic Literacy or 40% in either Mathematics or Information Technology is required.

Career Opportunities

The world is increasingly becoming a global village, with Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) playing a fundamental role in our day-to-day lives. South Africa, like other countries, realises that ICTs can indeed bring about positive change in its socio-economic development. CUT’s contribution to this national agenda is realised through diploma, BTech and MTech programmes offered in the Department of IT. Through these programmes, the university contributes to the ever-increasing demand for a wide range of highly skilled information technology professionals in fields such as web applications, communication networks and software development. The department is particularly unique in the country, as it offers courses in mobile programming and games development. The department has state-of-the-art Cisco equipment through which students get hands-on experience in computer networking, which provides opportunities for various professional certification pathways.

Our graduates will be able to take up jobs in:

Systems analysis: System developers, application designers, business analysts, information analysts, management information analysts, system analysts.

Programming: Application developers, games and mobile application developers, software developers, internet application developers.

Database development and management: Business database analysts, database administrators, database managers.

Project management: Information Systems (IS) project leaders.


Year 1 has year subjects as well as first and second semester subjects. The 5thcharacter indicates if it is a year (0), semester 1 (1) or semester 2 (2) subject.  In year 1 ITM105C is a year subject, PSA115C is semester 1 subject and INP125C is a second-semester subject.

1ST YEAR                                               INSTRUCTIONAL OFFERINGS


ALP115C                                                             Academic Literacy and Personal Competencies

ALP125C                                                     Academic Literacy and Personal Competencies

PSA115C                                                            Problem Solving and Algorithms

SPG115C                                                              System Software IA

SPG125C                                                              System Software IB

ITM105C                                                           Information Technology Mathematics I

ITE105C                                                         Information Technology Essentials I

ITE105C                                                         Information Technology Essentials I

SOD105C                                                           Software Development I

2ND YEAR                                               INSTRUCTIONAL OFFERINGS

DBS216C                                                               Databases II

SOD216C                                                         Software Development IIA

SOD226C                                                      Software Development IIB

SOE226C                                                        Software Engineering II

SPG216C                                                            System Software IIA

SPG226C                                                         System Software IIB

CMN216C                                                Communication Networks IIA

CMN226C                                             Communication Networks IIB

3RD YEAR                                               INSTRUCTIONAL OFFERINGS

CNS316C                                                  Information Technology and Society I

CNR316C                                                Communication Networks II

SOE316C                                               Software Engineering III

SOD316C                                                   Software Development III

WIL30BE                                             Work-integrated learning (WIL)

WLM327C                                       Work Integrated Learning in Information Technology