CUT | Baccalaureus Technologiae: Construction Management Course

CUT | Baccalaureus Technologiae: Construction Management Course

Qualification & Code


  • Campus


  • Duration of Programme

3 Years

  • Enrolment Option(s)

Semester 1

  • SAQA Credits


  • NQF Level


  • Admission Requirements

National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification

  • Selection and/ or interview


Additional Admission Requirements                                                                                                      

For candidates who matriculated in 2007 or before:

Appropriate M+3 qualification.


For candidates who completed the NSC in 2008 and thereafter:

National Diploma: Building, with the appropriate instructional offerings.

A weighted average of 60% in the final year of National Diploma Study 60% for Construction Management III in the final year of the National Diploma Study is recommended.

Career Opportunities

The construction manager is the operations management specialist of the construction industry by assuming the responsibility for the physical construction of buildings and other immovable assets. The nature of the modern construction projects demands not only sound technological knowledge, but also specialised management expertise in all project and business aspects of construction, in order to achieve stipulated performance parameters in the form of certainties related to the management of cost, time, finances and resources that are inclusive of manpower. The demand for this expertise in the construction industry is ever growing, and construction managers are often absorbed into top management positions in the construction enterprise where knowledge and skills are applied at the corporate management level.

4TH YEAR                                                                                  INSTRUCTIONAL OFFERINGS

APC40AI                                                                                              Appropriate Construction IV

ASM40AI                                                                                             Asset Management IV

BEP40AI                                                                                             *Building Entrepreneurship IV

COE40AI                                                                                           *Construction Economics IV

CLP40AI                                                                                          *Construction Law and Procedure IV

KON40AI                                                                                              *Construction Management IV

DEM40AI                                                                                             Development Management IV

NMD10AI                                                                                            *Research Methodology I

*Compulsory instructional offerings