CUT | Baccalaureus Technologiae: Quantity Surveying Course

CUT | Baccalaureus Technologiae: Quantity Surveying Course

Qualification & Code


  • Campus


  • Duration of Programme

1 year full-time or 2 years part-time

  • Enrolment Option(s)

Semester 1

  • SAQA Credits


  • NQF Level


  • Admission Requirements

See below: Additional Admission Requirements

  • Selection and/ or interview


Additional Admission Requirements

For candidates who matriculated in 2007 or before:

Appropriate M+3 qualification.

For candidates who completed the NSC in 2008 and thereafter:

National Diploma: Building, with the appropriate instructional offerings.

A weighted average of 60% in the final year of National Diploma study.

60% for Quantity Surveying III in the final year of the National Diploma study is recommended.

Career Opportunities

As a professional practitioner, the quantity surveyor is the financial adviser, construction cost accountant and economist of building projects who advises the client on all financial aspects of a new project. He/she would assume responsibility for assessing the financial viability of a new development proposal, seeing to the financial planning of a proposed building, preparing cost budgets during the different development phases, exercising cost control during the development phase, and settling the contractors’ final accounts on completion of a project. The quantity surveyor also prepares complex tender documents for the procurement of building contracts and acts as a legal advisor and consultant with regard to contract disputes that may arise during the construction phase. The services of this consultant are indispensable to modern construction projects.

The National Diploma: Building provides the student access to the BTech in Quantity Surveying programme, which in turn opens the door to the lucrative quantity surveying profession, with full registration as a professional quantity surveyor. Quantity surveyors are in high demand internationally, with lucrative employment options in the private and public sectors. The services provided by the quantity surveyor are regarded as indispensable within the construction industry today, demanding a high level of recognition both nationally and internationally as a professional practitioner and consultant.

4TH YEAR                                                                                  INSTRUCTIONAL OFFERINGS

BEP40AI                                                                                             *Building Entrepreneurship IV

COE40AI                                                                                           *Construction Economics IV

CLP40AI                                                                                           *Construction Law and Procedures IV

DEM40AI                                                                                                Development Management IV

MVA40AI                                                                                                      Market Valuations IV

BRK40AI                                                                                                 *Quantity Surveying IV

PRO40AI                                                                                         Real Estate Management IV

NMD10AI                                                                                            *Research Methodology I

*Compulsory instructional offerings.