CUT Diploma : Design and Studio Art

CUT Diploma : Design and Studio Art

Qualification & Code


Campus Duration of Programme Enrolment Option(s) SAQA Credits  NQF Level Admission Requirements Selection and/or interview

3 years

Semester 1



See below: Additional Admission Requirements.

Selection and interview

Additional Admission RequirementsFor candidates who matriculated in 2007 or before:

National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification.

For candidates who completed the NSC in 2008 and thereafter:

In addition to the general admission requirements, candidates must submit a portfolio of their work. Visual Art is recommended.

Career OpportunitiesVisual Arts; fashion; advertising; communications; packaging; jewellery; illustration and multi-media.
RemarksIn addition to the general CUT admission criteria, the aforementioned department requests applicants to undergo additional procedures before final selection and acceptance can proceed.

The information presented below is the criteria that the Department of Design and Studio Art uses to select and admit students for the purpose of studying towards the Diploma in Design and Studio Art. Carefully read through these guidelines and feel free to contact the Department if you have any questions.

All prospective students must apply for admission in accordance with the Policies and Procedures.

In addition to the general admission requirements of the CUT, candidates will be subjected to a selection process specifically designed and set for admission to the Diploma offered in the Department of Design and Studio Art.

All candidates will furthermore be placed on a waiting list until they have completed an assessment test. The assessment test will involve the following:

  • the submission of a portfolio that has been designed to test candidates’ drawing ability, imagination, sensitivity to colour and proportion, design skills and general ability to communicate on a visual level;
  • a personal interview;
  • an assessment of practical skills to be completed by the candidate;
  • and an M Score of 27 points or higher.

All candidates will be notified personally by the Department concerning the outcome of their application.

  1. Candidates not meeting the requirement stipulated in par. 3(d) above may be requested to complete psychometric tests to determine their potential. These tests will be conducted on the CUT campus in Bloemfontein.
  2. In cases where candidates’ applications have been unsuccessful, they can decide on one of the following options:
  3. Application for admittance to the Extended Curriculum Programme of Design and Studio Art.
  4. Application for admission at the Motheo College or any other college where N3 and N4 courses are offered in art and design. After successful completion of these courses at any of these colleges, candidates should in most cases be competent to be admitted to their first year of study.


LCS5001 Academic Literacy and Communication Studies
NMR5011 Numeracy
DLC5011 Basic Digital Literacy
ADC5022 Digital Literacy
PIM5011 Personal Information Management
VCU5001 Visual Culture
DRG5001 Drawing
PFP5001 Professional Practice
DGI5001 Digital Imaging
DDS5001 2D and 3D Design
VSU6002 Visual Culture
PFP6002 Professional Practice
MMS5001 Management Studies
DRG6002 Drawing
DSA5022 Work Integrated learning
SDP6001 Studio Practice
VSU7003 Visual Culture
PFP7003 Professional Practice
DSA6023 Work Integrated Learning
MMS6002 Management Studies
SDP7002 Studio Practice