By | November 20, 2016

Department of Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries Bursary; Transforming South Africa

South Africa government welcomes every South African citizen to get better education through Department of Agriculture bursaries. The great opportunity is open for graduate and postgraduate student to promote agriculture, forestry and fisheries related fields of study. Read more to find out if this is for you!

About DAFF
Department of Agriculture
Department of Agriculture, Forestry Fisheries have mission in speeding up South Africa’s economic growth and transforming the economy to create decent work and sustainable livelihoods. The actions taken by DAFF all to protect and enhance South Africa assets and natural resources in agriculture, forests and fisheries. Beside fighting against crime and corruption, DAFF also work for international cooperation and specifically to sustain food security for all.

The Field of Study Available
Department of Agriculture  bursaries are open for the fields of study listed below:

  1. B. Sc Bioresource Engineering (Agricultural Engineering) at University of KwaZulu-Natal
  2. Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc.) at University of Pretoria
  3. B.Sc. Viticulture and Oenology/Soil Science/Plant Pathology at University of Stellenbosch
  4. B.Sc. Food Science at Uniersity of Stellenbosch
  5. B.Sc. Plant Pathology at University of Stellenbosch
  6. B.Sc. Agric Soil Science at University of Stellenbosch
  7. B.Sc. Agric Economy
  8. B.Sc. Forestry and Wood Science: University of Stellenbosch
  9. B.Sc. Geo-Informatics
  10. B.Sc. Marine Biology
  11. B.Sc. Oceanography and Marine Biology at University of Cape Town
  12. B.Sc. Ichthyology specialising in Aquaculture at Rhodes University
  13. National Diploma: Food Technology
  14. National Diploma: Fisheries Resource Management at Cape Peninsula University of Technology
  15. National Diploma: Forestry at Nelson Mandela Metroplitan University
  16. National Diploma: Oceanography
  17. Postgraduate studies (B. Tech, B.Sc. Hons, M.Sc, M. Tech, and Ph.D.) in various agriculture, fisheries, and forestry study fields connected to DAFF main research projects

The Criterion For Bursaries
There are several requirements that all applicants must adhere before applying for Department of Agriculture and they are lsited below:
–              Bursars are South African citizen
–              Citizen with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply
–              Priorities are gien to applicants with disadvantaged financial situation and applicants from poor and deep remote communities
–              Applicants for a & b studies must obtain National Senior Certificate in Mathematics & Physical Science 6 (70-79)
–              Applicants for C – L studies must obtain National Senior Certificate in Mathematics & Physical Science 5 (60-69)
–              Applicants for M – P studies must obtain National Senior Certificate in Mathematics & Physical Science 4 (50-59)
Bursary covers tuition, accommodation and meals fee, books, and monthly allowance.
Applying For Bursary
Department of Agriculture open until 30 September and selected students will be announced on 15 January next year.  For applying, candidates can  complete the application form at in Careers. Hurry up and apply for DAFF bursary now!