By | November 29, 2016

Department of Human Settlements Internship

The chance of getting the Department of Human Settlements internship is available now. You can gain a lot of experience in several areas. The department of Human Settlements would like to invite anyone who is willing to have the 12 month contract. This opportunity is dedicated the native citizen of the South Africa. The minimum age of the applicant is eighteen years old, whereas the maximum age is thirty five years old. It is important that the applicant must be free other internship programme. Here, there are various options. The Corporate Services have five positions. This division is deeply connected with the DOHS.
The Department of Human Settlements internship has another chance. The chief operating officer needs several employees to deal with the Enterprise Oversight and Legislative Compliance and other business. Most of the positions require individual who major in Public Administration, Financial Management, and Public Management. Then, the CFO needs the right person to take care of the Financial Management, Supply Chain management, and Research. In fact, there are other positions that require a lot of human resources. You may check the official website for detailed information. For those who have the right academic title is able to enlist.
The applicant must use the form z83. Other documents such as the Curriculum Vitae, copy of ID card, and certified copy must be provided. A passport is needed too. You may deliver the applications via email. This is the email of the company: Note: the closing date is 20 February 2015. If you cannot send the applications by email, you can deliver it to the reception box in the Dept of Human Settlements office. If both of it is not possible to be done, you are able to deliver it via fax: 086 623 5596. Related to the Department of Human Settlements internship, you can dial this number if you need help – 012 421 1377 or 012 421 1356.
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