By | November 28, 2016

Department of Public Works Tsebo Bohale Graduate Internship Opportunity

Then, if you have interest to take Water Science as your future career path, then you must join this graduate internship programme as the collaboration of the Department of Public Works and Generational Training and Development. This one is for those young generations around 18 to 33 to join Department of Public Works Tsebo Bohale gradute internship opportunity for 2015. This graduate internship is also opened for disabilities. The other things you need to consider when you want to be a successful graduate for this internship opportunity is you must be a personal that is passionate and sociable.
However, to have capability to handle the assignment that is given to you during two years of this internship opportunity, there are other qualifications for you to have. To apply for this Department of Public Works Tsebo Bohale gradute internship opportunity, you must complete your education or in the process to complete your education in 2014 for these three following majors such as hydrology, water care, environmental and water science. For those of subjects you must grasp minimum 60% of your score average, but of course, the higher your average score is the higher your opportunity to become the graduate of this internship opportunity. Addition, when you are chosen to join this internship opportunity, then, nationally, you will be occupied to the Department of Public Works Water Plan.
So, what do you think? Want to be a part of this fascination internship opportunity? Then, you can send your application before its closing date on January 8th 2015. On your application, be sure that you bring along your application form, your certified academic record, and certified (copy) of SA ID to apply Department of Public Works Tsebo Bohale gradute internship opportunity. The application form for this internship opportunity, actually, you can get it on the official website of this internship program. Then, if you still have question about this graduate internship opportunity of Tsebo Bohale, feel free to check to their official website.
Attach the following:
Application form
Certified copy of your SA identity document
Full official academic record
Apply Tsebo-Bohlale Graduate Internship Program
Reference Number: #TSEBO-BOHLALE2015
Opportunity Name: Tsebo-Bohlale Graduate Internship Program or
Apply at Labour Department