By | November 28, 2016

Department Of Science and Technology Graduate Internship

If you join the Department of Science and Technology, immediately send your application to the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement at Nana Sita Street, Pretoria. The program will be closed on 11 February 2015, so immediately prepare your Curriculum Vitae. This is a special program that is organized by the National Research Foundation. Therefore, joining the program will be a very lucrative opportunity for all graduates of engineering and science. This program requires volunteers aged of 18-35 years. You will follow the youth development program for 12 months. You not only will be a volunteer, but also get the stipend that will be paid per month in accordance with your education level.
This program will be held throughout the year by the Department of Science and Technology, which begin on February 2015. It included the nine provinces. Here is the procedure to enroll in this program. First, for those who are interested in becoming a volunteer, you must meet the requirements set by the Department. Second, you can immediately submit a cover letter stating your reasons for joining the program. In the letter, you also need to include your selected provinces along with your Curriculum Vitae. Third, you need to include the copies of your certified qualifications and ID.
Fourth, put your contacts to facilitate the department to contact you. These steps are guidelines to register in the Department of Science and Technology. If there is still information that you do not fully understand yet, you can visit the official website at It provides all the information you need to become a volunteer. You also will find a list of organizations that have joined the program. If within three months after the closing date you do not get a confirmation, this is probably your application unsuccessful.