By | November 28, 2016

Dube Transport Graduate Internship

Latest application is offered to join Dube Transport graduate internship program that will commence next year. The goal of this graduate internship program is that to boost career opportunity youth of South African. University graduates ideally capable to fill the workplace that is available. However, it is the opposite. Job opportunities are everywhere, but still there are many graduates that stay unemployed. Graduate from their tertiary education, it is not a guarantee that graduates will win the job opportunity. They probably have better knowledge compared to those who can’t continue their higher institution, even so, their knowledge is not enough.
Dube Transport Graduate Internship
For some reasons employers have no much interest toward university graduates, since they consider that the graduates aren’t compatible to the job. Dube Transport graduate internship program solves that problem. The internship program will offer its successful applicants on-the-job experience to develop their skill, thence they can perform the job seamlessly. Good thing, the graduate internship opportunity is available for qualified applicants with different qualifications. You can check further information about the graduate internship program through their website, before submit your application online.
Apply Online Dube Transport Graduate Internship
Nevertheless, you should know this, apply to Dube Transport graduate internship program, ensure that you hold qualification within water testing/quality, town planning, tissue culture laboratory, supply chain management, quality management/occupational health & safety, quantity surveying, network & data center management, property operation/maintenance, human resources management, geographic information system, contracts management, environmental management, engineering, agricultural science, financial management/accounting, media/journalism, graphic design/marketing, or horticulture. Hold the requested qualification, you can apply online the application before September 30th or your application is not successful. Graduate internship program can blur the gap that becomes the reason why many graduates can’t afford to win their desire future career. Thus, ensure you grab this opportunity, more if you are residing in Durban.