By | November 29, 2016

Edcon Traineeship Program 2016

Job is very important for everybody. But, you need to experience more about the work field that you want before you are actually applying job. Edcon Traineeship Program 2016 offers you a chance to learn more about the business and accompany you to become professional in fashion retail industry. You’ll be learn and become a better businessman by joining this program. It’s not easy to get a job in this industry. And even though you are already getting a job in this industry, you can’t be stay at your current position if you are in the high position. You need to be professional if you want to stay at your work and showing your contribute to the company.
There are two programs that offered by this Edcon Traineeship Program 2016. The first program is for graduated trainee that wants to work as planner. You can join this program if you are graduated or bachelor’s degree from the following fields: business and management, supply chain management, math, economics, finance, business economics, statistics, and procurement for planning and sourcing. The second program is the program for you who want to become a buyer in the fashion retail industry. You need to be a graduated from fashion field related such as fashion, textile, clothing, garment construction, or the retail management that focus on the buying.
If you are passing those requirements above, you can apply the program by sending your application form to . The closing date to submit the application is on September, 30th 2015. You’ll get 18 moths training in Johannesburg with professional trainers from Edcon Traineeship Program 2016. You need to prepare yourself and join this program to become a better businessman. You’ll find new friends who are ambitious about their career too. You may get higher chance to get a new job via connections from your new friends and even via people who will trainees you.