By | November 29, 2016

Engen Learnership Programme

The Engen Learnership Programme job vacancy offers you a great learning prospect and opportunity to be a candidate to hard work. The program will pace you to be a great hardworking with the high attitude in the business. You will be an ultimate candidate if you are a relevant man/woman with knowledge and having good verbal and written communiqué skills. The Learnership program offers you to get training. It is training in CQF Chemical Operations that is Level 2. The education and work experiences are the key of success to enter for this program. The arithmetic certificate in matric with a ‘‘pure’’ pass of Mathematics and Physical Science. The applicant must be an excellent arithmetic ability. You should have a capacity to produce the certified ID copy and matric Certificates to apply. It is a year (12 month) contract agreement position and the 1st inclination will be specified to the jobless candidates.
There are the Engen Learnership Programme attributions. You should have the knowledge about the base refinement processes and awareness in operations any style activities. The main skills you should have are working safe and carefully in any situation even a risky environment. The teamwork skill is very imperative. You should believe the teamwork has some magic performance than what you can see apparently. Every work has the problem. The problem can’t be avoided, but it can be solved. The problem solving skill and trouble-shooting talent are needed for the bad condition.
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The next credit points are working indoor or outdoor and in all-weathered conditions, having a requirement of fitness and strong suit to climb-up any ladders, stairway and platform over various operational equipment from the different areas and levels, and responsive to make handling difficulties. The applications must be acquiesced to submit the personal contact in details. The submission must be on time before the closing date. There are the short lists only to call for the next steps. The closing date will be on May 18. The location is on Durban. Click “How to Apply” for the further applying Engen Learnership Programme.