By | July 12, 2017

Entomopathogenic Nematodes − New Species Description 2017 – Stellenbosch University

​In South Africa, as well as in the rest of Africa, research on the occurrence, distribution and identification of entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) has escalated. In short, the whole of Africa augurs extremely well for the bioprospecting of EPN. Currently, a total of 14 new species from South Africa have been described, since the description of the first species in the country in 2006. As the nematodes are very conservative with regard to their taxonomic features, every tool in the box has to be used for their taxonomic description. The techniques used include morphology, morphometrics, light microscopy, SEM, and aspects of the biology of the nematode. The outcome of this five-day workshop will be the mastering of the different techniques that are required for the description of a new EPN species, as well as the acquisition of the skills that are necessary to facilitate the undertaking of effective collaborative and publishable research, in terms of the identification and description of new species of EPNs.
Topics covered:
Day 1: Trapping, isolating and storage
Day 2: Collection of different life stages
Day 3: Morphometrical identification
Day 4: Molecular identification
Day 5: Publication

Start: 22/01/2018, 08:00
End: 26/01/2018, 16:00
Contact:Corinna S. Bazelet – 021 808 9600
Location: Department of Conservation Ecology and Entomology