By | November 21, 2016


The nature of the learnership program is to support its applicants in terms of skill development. Either government or private organizations announce their latest internship program in South Africa to boost the career opportunity of its applicants. Looking for learnership program, Eskom Learnership program is one to consider. Per year Eskom invites talented youth of South African to join their learnership program. That is not the only thing, since they offer various learnership within different locations. Interested? Eskom focuses their learnership program on electricity infrastructure. And yes, shall you apply in case that you can meet the requested requirements.
Join Eskom leanership program, potential learners should know that, the opportunity is limited for those who hold excellent academic performance. Not to mention, it gives applicants better advantages if they can demonstrate excellent soft skill, such as, communication skill, capability to build effective rapport, problem solving, creative, and so on, where they can perform it through the interview in case they are considered as shortlisted applicants. Even so, Eskom prioritizes excellent academic result above anything else. If you consider yourself capable to meet the learnership requirements, be sure that you note the below mentioned.

How to Apply
You can apply in here APPLY ESKOM LEARNERSHIP
Simply like another learnership program, there are requirements to meet to confirm that their applicants have the qualification which are necessary for the learnership. Eskom Learnership is just the same.

Applying the learnership, ensure that you hold either N3 or grade 12 qualification with physical science and maths. Eskom also requires its potential learners have excellent English skill within all of its aspects. There is closing date for each application that is announced. Applicants have to provide some supported document or information. And yes, violation of the closing date and incomplete information will lead to disqualification for the application. Lastly, the application is available online through the official website.