By | November 28, 2016

Foodbev SETA Bursary Programme

If you have interest toward food and beverage industry and in the same time you need financial assistance then bursary programme by Foodbev SETA is a good chance for you whether you are an unemployed student, postgraduate student or first year student will do not matter so far you are qualified enough for Foodbev SETA bursary programme. For the bursary programme itself you have two choices such as undergraduate programme and postgraduate programme that relate to both food and beverage industry. In the time you win your chance for this bursary programme, you will achieve such things like books for learning material, free tuition, meals, and accommodations at pointed student lodging.
The other factors that lead you to grasp the chance to become the qualified students for this bursary programme are; (1) you are not joining any bursary programme, (2) you have excellence academic record but in need for financial support, and (3) your chance to join Foodbev SETA bursary programme will be higher if you are women and people with disabilities. To apply for this bursary programme, you need first to fill up the application form which you can find from the official website of Foodbev SETA at
When you apply for this bursary programme, don’t forget to tag along your necessary certified documents that are needed. After you’ve done with the applications and the needed certified documents, you need to send your application just before its closing date on February 28th 2015. For Foodbev SETA bursary, you have three ways to send your application; first, you can email it at or you can also email it through Second, you can also post your application to P.O Box 245 Gallo Manor 2052. Third, you can simply bring the application yourself to 13 Autumn Rd Rivona 2128. However, if there is kind of question you have on mind about this bursary programme please contact Maureen (011 253 7300).