By | November 29, 2016

FT Consulting Financial Technology Training Program

Are you currently looking for a job related to financial technology industry? If you are, then you will be interest with this FT Consulting Financial Technology Training Program. This is the opportunity for you who are still new with the work related to this field. The company is currently looking for young people to join the company. There’ll be formal requirements that you have to prepare before apply to this company. But before that, you need to take a note that this company is looking for people who have great attitude and desire to become a successful person.
The first requirement for this FT Consulting Financial Technology Training Program is that you have to be a South African citizen. Second, you have to have interest in technology and finance, especially things related to industry. Third, you need to have great skills of verbal and writing. Fourth, you need to sign a contract for minimum two years if you are accepted to this company. Fifth, you can support your own financial life for the training sessions for six months. Sixth, you have to be graduated degree related to finance, engineering, or ICT. The last thing is that you need to be flexible about the place to job since there’ll be chance for you to be placed in the branch company.
Those are the requirements from the company. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? If you already pass those requirements, you can send your CV via email . This is a great job for newbie, after graduate from university. You can gain your experience by joining the training from this company for six weeks. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t accept after the training since you’ll still get the experience of working and learn more about working in this FT Consulting Financial Technology Training Program.the closig date to apply this program is November, 5th.