By | November 29, 2016

Gauteng Dept of Roads and Transport Learnership Internship

Are you looking for internship programme in the transport fields? If the answer is yes, the news from Gauteng Dept of Roads and Transport Learnership Internship might be the good news for you. Yes, the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport offers you to join their internship programme in this 2015. For you, who especially the South Africa youth graduates of the University Technology or the University, you might join this interesting internship programme. Well, to join this programme of course you have to know about the requirements that needed by you. Here is the information for you about this internship programme.
The first requirement is you should be the youth of South Africa in the ages of 18 until 35 years old. Every different position has different requires of degree. But, the common degree that needed by many position are the Public Administration, Political studies, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Transportation Management, Electrical Engineering and there are still many degree that can join this internship programme. The Gauteng Dept of Roads and Transport Learnership Internship really needs many new employers, so they might accept many candidates if they can pass the selection. The contract of this internship is about 12 months or a year.
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To join this internship programme, you should fill the form Z38 as the application form. You can get it directly from the public service department. You also have to submit the certified copies of you ID and the certified copies of the qualification certifications that needed for the application. Do not forget to submit your detailed Curriculum Vitae, too. You should submit it directly to the office of Gauteng Dept of Roads and Transport Learnership Internship. The full address is Gauteng Province Department of Roads and Transport, Directorate Human Resource Development 2nd Floor North Tower, 41 Simmonds Street Sage Life Building, Marshalltown, Johannesburg 2001 before the 25 March.
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