By | November 28, 2016

Gauteng Government Graduate Internship Opportunity For 2017-2018

A 12 month graduate internship program is now opened for brilliant Gauteng’s unemployed graduates. Gauteng government graduate internship program offers the training program for provincial communication services (Ref no. OOP:1), Gauteng planning commission (Ref no. OOP:02), executive support and stakeholder management (Ref no. OOP:03), corporate management (Ref no. OOP: 04), institutional development support and integrity management (Ref no. OOP:05), and DG’s office (Ref no. OOP: 06). Ensure that you can provide the qualification that is needed based on the position that you want to apply, together with the below mentioned requirements.
Government Learnerships
To make yourself successfully participate in Gauteng government graduate internship, another requirements you should meet are; (1) South Africa citizen that also resides in Gauteng, (2) around 18 to 35 years old, (3) a full-time unemployed graduate that has no previous graduates internship experience that is designed by government department, (4) you either completing or completed your degree in accredited tertiary institution in South Africa, and (5) in need of experiential training after finished academic theory. As starter, complete Z83 form that you can find from any government department, or you can download it.
Curriculum vitae, letter of motivation, specified letter that states your chosen position, and certified copy of your qualifications and identity document, be sure you tag along those aforesaid before submitting your application for Gauteng government graduate internship to, Director: Internal Human Resource/West Wing Office of the Premier/30 Simmonds Street/Johannesburg/2001. Also, you can send the application to, Office of the Premier/30 Simmonds Street/Marshaltown/Johannesburg/2001. In addition, you should ensure that application is sent before May 20th 2016. Have some questions about the graduate internship, direct your questions to Ms Lerato Makoe (011 355 6013). The graduate internship program that is set by Gauteng government encourages Whites, Indians, Colored, and people with disabilities who meet the requirements to apply.