George Whitefield College Explore Correspondence Courses Offered

George Whitefield College Explore Correspondence Courses Offered

EXPLORE Programme


EXPLORE aims to deepen Christians’ knowledge of God and his plan for the world, enabling them to serve him better with a deeper understanding of the Bible and theology; and to teach and share the gospel in either their local church or workplace.


The purpose of EXPLORE is to extend the reach of GWC’s reformed theological education on the African continent through relevant and accessible study material.


The EXPLORE Correspondence Course is an affordable self-study programme.


The material is currently being translated into a number of African languages.


The EXPLORE Programme offers facilitator training courses to assist those who wish to use the correspondence programme in their church or ministry.

EXPLORE Course Content

Each of the 8 EXPLORE modules is designed to actively engage students in a personal study of God’s Word, through investigative exercises and focused Bible readings. All EXPLORE modules are currently available in English.

Click on the module titles below to view the contents of each module.

An overview of the Bible and introduction to Biblical Theology.

The human life and ministry of the one God sent to save the world and be its king forever

The growth of Christianity in the first century from the day of Pentecost.

The nature and character of the God who made the universe

 EXPLORE the Books of Moses 

A journey through the Old Testament that lays the foundations for all that follows in the Bible.

The content and major themes of Old Testament Prophetic Literature.

God’s plan to save the world, focusing on the person and work of Christ.

The path of the Christian life from the counsels of God in eternity.


Successful completion of the examinations of all 8 modules will result in the awarding of the EXPLORE Certificate at our annual GWC graduation ceremony. Students who complete the EXPLORE correspondence course can apply to be a duly qualified lay-gospel worker in the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South African (REACH-SA). Students are equipped to effectively teach in a Bible study or one-to-one setting, where they will know and be able to teach the relevance and meaning of Bible passages so as to grow Bible literacy in the local church. Upon successful completion of this course, students are permitted to apply for entrance into further studies through Recognition of Prior Learning.

Academic Entrance Requirements

EXPLORE is not registered under SAQA and there are no academic entrance requirements.  The examinations are not compulsory, although we recommend them as an aid for serious study.


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Module book: R385,00            Postage*: R40.00     Total: R425.00

Groups & Church Lay-Leaders:

Module Book: R275,00           Postage*: R40.00     Total: R315.00


Module Book: R175.00           Postage:    –              Total: R175.00


R200.00                                                                    Total: R200.00

* Postage costs can be eliminated by directly collecting the module book from the College

Please contact Leatitia Meyer for more information: