By | November 29, 2016

Glencore Bursary For Best In Engineering

Bursaries continuously offer positions for the graduates form engineering sectors. If you are graduates from Mining, Electrical, Mechanical, Geology Discipline and B Com (Financial Management), glencore bursary now requires the best candidates from disciplines in Engineering. Candidate should possess a rating of minimally 6 (70%-79%) in science and mathematics, 5 (60%-69) English as also fulfilled the requirement of the institutions. Candidates that will be highly considered for finance are those with rating minimally 5 (60%-69%) in Accounting, Mathematics, and English. Any sort-listed candidate should sign an obligation of services with Xstrata Coal SA. The sort-listed candidate must also poses a valid certificate of health and be healthy enough to be undertake programs in Bursary Award, as what also required by the safety Act Mine’s Health.
Successful candidates in glencore bursary will get Laptop and Printer, Residence and Meals fees, Registration and Tuition fees, Personal allowance, Prescribe textbook, Paid vacation work and also Payment of any compulsory excursions or seminar which may be required. Candidates will be sort-listed based on academic excellence and will be conducting an interview with Glencore Ferro Alloys. Local communities’ applicants are highly encouraged to apply. The minimum requirements are a minimum of a C marks in Science, Math, and English for candidates and 100% pass ratings in all subjects.
The successful applicants will get many benefits from joining Bursaries. Some of those already mentioned above and the others are surely pride to be a part in a reputable company and positive working environment. Prepare your documents and send your application to to the due date in 31 May 2015 and any late applications would not be processed. Candidates are highly encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Shall you have any more information about joining glencore bursary; you can also contact the email above to get your answers.
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