By | November 30, 2016

Graduate Internship Programme At The Foschini Group

Straight to the point, just in case you are now in a search of a graduate internship programme, herein you will discover some information that you need to successfully apply for the graduate opportunity. For 2016, the Foschini Group invites talented young generation to become apart for their stores to gain a work-based experience related to Finance, HR, Business Admins or Marketing. It implies that, this internship opportunity only for those who already finish a degree on those above mentioned areas. Therefore if you are not part of it, unfortunately, this internship programme is not for you.
Otherwise, if you do, read on for some additional information about the Foschini Group graduate internship programme for 2016. Before moving to the requirements part to apply this internship programme, let it alone, but the programme itself will last in one year. More, the graduate internship opportunity at the Foschini Group will be started in the beginning of 2016. Therefore, you better insure that is affordable for you to complete the programme effortlessly from the beginning to the ending of the internship programme. Speak for the requirements, you should apply an attention oriented attitude.
You have huge passion to learn something new. You also have interest in both retail and fashion areas. You are able to work in full time based on the trading hours that are set by the Foschini Group. To be a suitable graduate for graduate internship programme herein, you must have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Also you must be a personal who is a customer service centric and familiar with team work. Think that you can match the criteria above, submit your application with recent CV, photograph, cover letter and necessary qualifications to Remember to write down “Internship Programme” inside the subject box. Nevertheless, the internship programme at the Focshini Group will be closed on December 9th2015.