By | November 28, 2016

Graduate Internship Programme From Service SETA

Various positions for potential unemployed graduates can apply for graduate internship programme Service SETA. Service SETA offers unemployed graduates with, (1) project accounting intern for graduates with degree or national diploma in public financial management or financial accounting, (2) quality management division for graduates with degree or national diploma in public management and general management, quality management, (3) learning interventions and project management for graduates who hold degree and national diploma in office management, public administration or management, and project management.
And then for the last graduate internship programme at Service SETA to apply, (4) human resources management that is designed for graduates with degree and national diploma in labor relations, human resources, and records management. Other requirements for the bursary to meet, (1) you should be unemployed graduate around 18 to 35 years old, and (2) be sure that you never join other graduate internship program previously. You send your application depends upon the graduate internship programme that you apply. Submit your application for project accounting intern to, quality management division to, learning interventions and project coordination to, and
The application for the graduate internship programme should be applied before its closing date on June 13th 2016. Make sure that you send the application in timely manner or your application will be not considered. Too, for applicants that are considered as shortlisted, they should able to meet the schedule that is arranged by Service SETA for the date and the time when it comes to the interview. General questions relevant to the graduate internship, don’t hesitate to deliver them to 011 276 9600 (MS Mabo Thobela). Do not hand deliver your application, as well, if you receive nothing from Service SETA in 31 days from the closing date, it indicates that your application is not successful.