By | November 29, 2016

Graduate Internship Programme by TCTA

Thinking about joining a two-year graduate internship programme? Then, be sure to apply for graduate internship programmes which is held by TCTA (The Trans-Caledon Tunneling Authority). You need to know that there are several TCTA graduate internship programmes to follow. Speaking of which, here are the offerings; IT graduate/intern (all equivalent certifications in IT), Finance graduate/intern (a 3-year equivalent qualifications in accounting/finance), Treasury graduate/intern (accounting/economic for commercial investment qualification or something equivalent), Project Finance and Structuring ( business/commercial management qualification or something similar), and Communication/Photojournalist (public relations/journalism/communication and media studies qualification or something equal).
Not to mention, beside those mentioned above, there are some other graduate intern programmes for you to consider; Risk Management and Internal Audit (a 3-year qualification for business science commerce), Project Management (BTech engineering or BSc), and the last TCTA gradute internship programme is Environmental graduate/internship (degree for BTech/Bsc or Diploma/Certificate for BCom Admin or project management). For sure, when you officially become the graduate of this programme, you will grab the privilege to find both the experience and the skill for each graduate/internship programme you join. Addition, since it has different name for graduate/internship programme, it means each field that you choose will cater you with different responsibility, so be sure you put it into account before applying.
Speaking of applying, then to apply this graduate/internship programme, make sure that you tag along a cover letter into your application those states reasons that give you courage or motivation to join this one. Then, when you are ready with your application and all things that are needed, send your application for TCTA graduate internship by visiting website, by or before its closing date on April 24th. Or, you allow contacting Josephine Florence (021 683 1230/1224). It is very pivotal for you to know that, if during a month which you can count from its closing date you find no answer or reply from the authority, your application is considered as unsuccessful