By | November 28, 2016

Great Kei Local Municipality Plumbing Artisanship Programme

If you are a graduate from FET college and if your age is between sixteen or thirty five years old, then don’t skip your chance to join 2015 artisanship programme from Great Kei local municipality. This program is the result from the collaboration between MISA and LGSETA. By following local municipality plumbing artisanship programme, you are allowed to join about 3 years apprenticeship for local government sector. For your information this artisanship programme is eligible with NSDS III (National Skill Development Strategy). To join this artisanship programme, the applicants should submit some the necessary requirements as following;
First, you must a graduate from FET college with N4 Certificate and N2 relevant trade subject. Second, you must able to join this artisanship programme within three years with no exception. Third, to be a successful applicant for local municipality plumbing artisanship programme, you must be a citizen of South Africa and reside in certain municipality that is mentioned for this programme. Then for those who become a successful applicant will be place on municipal technical department under the contract with Municipal Infrastructure Support Apply. Remember that you can’t to email or fax your application instead, you need to send it to Mrs. I. Sikhulu Nqwena, Director Corporate Services of Great Kei municipality Privare Bag X2 KOMGA or 17 Main Road KOMGA, 4950.
On your application, please you also to remember to attach such following things like; your Certified ID copy, your certified CV, the copy of any equivalent certificate which is necessary to enter this program, and the proof of your residency. Be sure to submit your application for local municipality plumbing artisanship programme before its closing date on January 7th 2015. Then, if somehow you have certain questions to be answered, make sure you contact Ms. P. Dumalisile as Manager Human Resources Manager at 043 8311 305/028/325 within office hours.