By | November 28, 2016

Huhtamaki Mechanical Engineering Learnership

The mission of Huhtamaki mechanical engineering learnership program is that to help potential interns to gain better understanding for operational matters within manufacturing plant. it can be very dangerous if the operational matters like safety is being ignored. That is not the only thing, by understanding operational matters, it will accelerate the daily output. Nevertheless, in order to be qualified for the internship program, prospect applicants should have either national diploma or degree in mechanical engineering alongside other requested competencies to widen the opportunity of its applicants to be part of the internship program.
Competencies should be matched for Huhtamaki mechanical engineering learnership program are; excellent skill in oral presentation and written, customer oriented, analytical skill, good planning and organizing skill, assertive, critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving. Suitable applicants who meet the requirements requested, they have to tag along additional documents including educational qualifications and recent curriculum vitae when submitting before the deadline of the internship program. Important to know, the internship program is located in Western Cape, Atlantis, Gauteng, and Spring, thus ensure you can attend the internship program in timely manner. Please forward your updated CV with copies of your educational qualifications to: Enquiries: Carol Topham Tel: 011 730 6300
Not to mention late application for Huhtamaki mechanical engineering learnership program will lead to disqualification. For general information relevant to the internship opportunity available at Successful interns, during the internship program they will get thorough exposure related to different sectors within manufacturing and plant process. Lastly Internship program is a note worthy program available for youth of South African as it is like a stepping stone to enhance their career opportunity within the industry as employers prioritize those who have work based experience. The chance to apply the internship program at Huhtamaki is limited, therefore, grab your chance while the application is lasted.