By | November 29, 2016

IDT Graduate Internship

IDT is the independent development trust for short. Today we’re like to invite you to join the IDT graduate internship program in. We’re inviting you the unemployed graduates who still looking for the meaningful experience in your life in the various field of job of course. Or if you really like to join us in the IDT we’re very welcome. But, you need to note it, if this is not a permanent job. This is only opportunity for you who still unemployed and looking for the relevant experience in the various field of job.
We need you to fill the hole in the HRM, HRD and also IR division six persons. In the IT or information technology is about three people. Financial management and project accounting is about eight people. Communication is about two people, office and the chief executive officer only a single person.  DSU communication is only one person. And in the DSU finance division also only one person. We also need trust secretary one person and also one person to fill the hole in the strategy and policy. And the last one is one position on the quantity survey. So, if you want to feel how to work with all those position you can try to contact us the IDT graduate internship as soon as possible, because you can lose this very good opportunity for you to feel how the exact feelings to work with under pressure and feel the real life after your graduation. More information
This job will no longer exist after 21 august. So you need to call as fast as you can to get the position that you want. You can send your CV to the and also you can find lots of information about this kind of job. So, feel free to ask and come to join us in the IDT graduate internship to feel the new experience in your life.