By | November 29, 2016

Info for SEF Graduate Internship Program

SEF graduate internship opens their opportunity for the fresh graduates who want to study again and be an internship. The opportunity has been posted on June 22nd 2015 and will be end on august 31th 2015 and the location is in Tzaneen. As a fresh graduate, you need to fell the training and be an internship because you are not ready to go to the work field. By following the program, you will have experience and the qualification which will increase your opportunity to work in your dreaming company that everyone is like.
SEF graduate internship is stands from the Small Enterprise Foundation that has 12 months training as the internship. The internship that is worked here is strong people and clever because only people with high degree which will be accepted. The academic record also must have higher mark. In this case, if you are an internship from the social and business degree, it is appeared on the requirement. There is many more qualification to be fulfilled before you decide to send the application.
If you have written the CV, your academic transcript, and cover it with the cover letter, you can send it with the address the small enterprise foundation P.O. Box 212, 0850, Tzaneen South Africa. You also allow using your email and sending the CV and other requirement to Before you send it, you must carefully see and check again the application letter because if your application is not complete or you late to send it, the SEF internship will not see the application because of that. There is also an interview which is held during October after the SEF give you information in the end of September. If as a candidate you are that they want, you will know about this u the end of November. If you want to ask something, here you can call 015 307 5837 SEF graduate internship from HR department