By | November 29, 2016

Innovation Hub Graduate Internship Program

If you are looking for a graduate program, the innovation hub graduate internship is now offering a program of internship with the closing date 08 May. In this program, candidates will be offered many advantages as well as chance to prove their skill of knowledge in practical life. Within what are offered is increased chance to get employed, practical transition to industry from academia, chance to apply theory into practice,  potential employment after completion, chance to identify, clarify and explore personal prospects and career goals and over all a chance to gain practical knowledge that is match to each of candidate’ qualification.
So who can apply for this program? To be able to apply the innovation hub graduate internship, you must possess three years qualification in university within one of this following fields; Communication and Media, with focus on Journalism, Public Relations, Information Management, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Digital Media, Film and Media Studies, Communication Management, Audio-visual Communication, Corporate Communication, Broadcasting or Advertising and Information Communication Technology with focus on Information Science, Computer Science, Communication Networks, Multimedia, Business Applications, Information and Knowledge Systems, Informatics, Software Development, Web and Applications, Intelligent Industrial Systems and Technical Applications. You must be within the ages of 18 to 35 and having an academic record above average. If you are people with disabilities, you are very encouraged to apply.
How to apply? First you should prepare the documents that are needed. Prepare your latest CV and certified copies of ID, certificate of Grade 12, tertiary transcripts, tertiary qualifications and other certificates that are related. Submit your application before 8 May by visit this website . Please note in mind that any application for the innovation hub graduate internship that sent later than that day will be considered fail. If you have any inquiry, kindly send them to Bokang Senosha on 012 844 0000.