By | November 29, 2016

Investec Learnership Program

Are you one now seeking for an opportunity in private banking graduate program? If yes, you can check Investec Learnership Programme. Sort listed candidates will be placed at Cape Town during the program. This programs offers opportunity for grads a learning journey that will be take placed in six months, and after than to move to more permanent business in The Cape Town Private Banking Grad Programme. Applicants must be a graduate with Bachelor degree title. Applicants that do not yet graduate by the time of application should complete the qualifications by the mid year.
To be a part of Investec Learnership Programme in The Cape Town Private Banking Grad Programme, there are duties and responsibilities and minimum requirements. For the minimum requirements, applicants should or should have complete bachelor degree in June and will be taken as advantages if have any experience with client service. For the responsibilities and duties, sort listed candidates will have work and learning opportunities such follows. Diversity, which can helps successful candidates to understand themselves & other under the context of South African; Induction and Work Readiness , to prepare the successful candidates to work in Investec; Business Rotations, where opportunities expose successful candidates with many distinct specializations to specify career and build relationship, Client Relationship Management, where successful candidates can learn how to engage with clients and Technical Learning in Investec systems, product, and process knowledge.
Apply for the Investec Learnership Programme
Do not miss this opportunity since not every graduate program offers chance to directly join the company to pursue a real career after completion just like Investec Learnership Programme in The Cape Town Private Banking Grad Programme do. For those whon needs a new carrer, your most updated and integrated application before 22 May.