By | November 29, 2016

Join NECT Communications Graduate/Internship Program

Internship is a period of time spent doing a job as a part of becoming qualified to do it. We all know that not all the companies offer and open internship program. But now, NECT let those who are interested in NECT communications graduate/internship program to be the part of them. It will give you advantageous experience for your future job dealing with communication. It is a kind of good opportunity to work for an organization to create better education in South Africa. There are several responsibilities you need to do relate to this. All of them let you to train your ability and enrich your experience.
You will do a kind of meeting with stakeholders, district people and committee. We know that communication is not only speaking, it requires other ability like managing and maintaining like public relations does with local media, writing, posting and managing social media. NECT communications graduate/internship program also ask your responsibility in interviewing stakeholders, producing articles and some tasks related to secretary’s job. All these duties and tasks, of course are useful for your future. The qualifications or things that you need for this are your understanding of recent technologies and social media.
Don’t apply for this if you are under graduate. The qualification states that you have to complete in university related to communication field such as journalism, PR, English, etc. You also have to be able to work with computer, good manner, team or independent, and speak in some local languages of Africa.  You are also asked to have passion and curiosity in education and culture. Are you interested in NECT communications graduate/internship program? Apply your CV, cover letter and sample of your writing to before July 1st, 2015. This position only provides 8 seats for you. Are you the right candidate?