By | November 29, 2016

KwaDukuza Municipality Traffic Warden Training Job

The KwaDukuza Municipality traffic warden training job is currently looking employees for the company. There are several positions that may suit your academic title. You have to remember that the KDM have to be written as clearly as possible. Then, you have to explain the position that you desire in your application letter. Besides that, the company demands Curriculum Vitae and please uses the proper English. As the additional document, please provide the copy of the diploma as in your document. You have to put the identity card in your document. You can replace the identity card with the driver license.
If the applicant has another skill or working experience, it may help as the supporting document. The KwaDukuza Municipality traffic warden training jobneeds several traffic wardens for the company. In total, the company is going to hire up to 10 people to be the traffic warden. For those who are interested in this job, please take a look at the requirement. First, anyone who has a criminal record will be rejected automatically. The company needs an individual with clean record. The applicant must have a driver’s license (code B08). The next requirement is the basic skill of Microsoft Word. The final criterion is about the limitation of the age.
If you are 35 years old or even younger, you can enlist and you must pass the physical test. That is the main requirement that you need to know. Then, you have to provide the document about the residence. If you have already had the entire requirement, you can send the document to this address: PO. Box 72, KwaDukuza, 4450  for attention the Human Resources Department, and may be posted or hand delivered (Note that hand delivered applications must be handed to the H. officer clerk, First Floor, Whitehouse Centre, Chief Albert Luthuli Street. KwaDukuza. The document must be addressed to the Municipal Manager. The application letter cannot be sent via fax or even e-mail. It must be given to the Head officer clerk on the Whitehouse Centre. Any letter that is sent to the KwaDukuza Municipality traffic warden training job after 13 February 2015 will not be accepted.