By | November 30, 2016

Land Transport Skill Graduate Internship at National Dept of Transport

Allowing yourself as part of development skill opportunity, it is always be a good idea. The reason is simple, that development skill program offers you a work-based experience which is useful to assist you to know more about how to deal with certain field of career that you pick in the real world. Land transport skill graduate, unemployed graduates can apply for this, just in case they yearn for in-depth understanding relating to such skills which are required in land transport industry. To begin with, applying for this internship opportunity, your age must be around 18 to 35 years old.
You hold either a 3 year diploma or a degree for Town Planning, Transports Economic, Transport Engineering, Transport planning, civil engineering, or you can apply for land transport skill internship through other relevant qualifications within land transport area. If you think that you are eligible enough for the qualifications, be sure to take benefit of this opportunity by first getting yourself a form Z83 that is accompanied with other necessary documents. For those who are already finished another internship opportunity previously will not be considered to apply. Nevertheless, this internship opportunity is designed for nine provinces in SA, therefore, ensure that you identify a particular province that you apply. You need also to put its reference number.
For instance, when it comes it comes to Limpopo province then, the reference number will be 2015/1, else, if you apply land transport skill from Northern Cape province your reference number is 2015/5 and so on. Submit your application to Chief Directorate/Public Transport Regulations/Department of Transport/Private Bag x193/Pretoria 0001 before it meets its deadline on December 7th 2015. In addition, any successful graduate for this internship opportunity will achieve R6000 monthly allowance. Becoming the suitable applicants at National Dept of Transport, it means you should be prepared for assessment and interview which are scheduled by the official.