By | November 28, 2016

Latest Performing Arts Scholarship From Arts And Culture Trust

Are you arts students or students who aim for art major such singing, acting, and dancing? There is performing arts scholarship that is designed by Arts and Culture Trust in Collaboration with DALRO, NLC, and Needbank Arts Affinity. The good news is, the chance to join the scholarship is increased either for first or second year student or grade 12 participant, in addition the amount of the scholarship is around R800,000. There will be audition to decide whether you are deserved for the scholarship. Nevertheless, if you are first or second year students applicants, then you should be enrolled to recognized tertiary institution in South Africa.
When it comes to Grade 12 applicants who have interest in performing arts scholarship, ensure that you can perform your potential in singing, dancing, and acting. You should be at least excel inĀ  one of previously mentioned majors. About the audition, it will be judged by experts that work and very familiar in the industry, whilst for its location, they are; Johannesburg,Pretoria ,Polokwane , Witbank , Kimberley , Bloemfontein , Potchefstroom Port Elizabeth , Cape Town, and Durban .
During the audition to win performing arts scholarship, it is not necessary for you to show your extra-ordinary talents on each of discipline, though it will be excellent if it is that way. At least you have above average talent in one of the discipline, and it is adequate. In addition, you can to present a monologue during the audition if you want to. Applying fort the scholarship, in the case that you expect more information, you can visit there you can find out as well both the location and the date for the audition. You have some other questions for the scholarship, send them through email or 011 712 8404 (Rahiem). The deadline will be on May 31st 2016.