By | November 28, 2016

Miller Traineeship Opportunity

This is about the Miller traineeship opportunity that will be handled on Randfontein and the Milling Traineeship will be the place of the Trainee Miller. This has a purpose to make sure about the efficiencies of production achievement and also targets. Not only for that, personnel leadership, adherence and GMP, maintenance coordination in hygiene and safety standards too. And for the important is about the responsibility in operating the mill. The Trainee also will have some key responsibilities such like assisting the shift handovers, production targets and efficiencies achievement, maintenance the mill, good quality control, maintain safety standard and also 20 keys of requirements, ISO 14000 and 22000.
In this Miller traineeship opportunity, you will get some training about skills. There are many technical or functional skills that you must learn and master. To show your learning result, you have to be able in having good ability in leadership and problem solving. You also have to be able in English skills, team work, pressure handling, and English communication. As a worker, you must have some preparations about shifts working schedule, ready to work at the weekend and public holiday in emergency. And at least you are able to work with Excel and Word PC literate.
Of course, like the other selections, there must be the minimum qualifications that will be used for the consideration of the requirement test. To pass the requirement test, you must be the Trainee who has acquired 12th Grade or the equivalent. But the priority of this requirement test will be on the Trainee which learned in the subject of Mathematics, Chemistry or Physic and English. You are able to apply your CV and proposal letter to the Tiger Brand Miller Traineeship at least until the closing date in 28 November 2014. Don’t miss this good traineeship opportunity.
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