By | November 30, 2016

MINTEK Artisan Learnership Programme for 2016

There are so many opportunities to sharp your potential skill. One of them is join a learnership or internship programme because in this programme you can enhance your knowledge and personal skill. You will be responsible of some tasks in order to sharp your knowledge and personal skill through practice. MINTEK as a leading provider of minerals processing and metallurgical engineering products and services to industries world wide, is now open MINTEK Learnership. As one of biggest companies in South Africa, MINTEK want to mold an advanced young generation, especially in mechanical industries through the learnership in line with the purpose of the programme.
If you are consider yourself as one of potential candidates and dare to join MINTEK Learnership, please meet the requirements. These are some requirements of skills you have to meet for, such: (1) ability for analysing the problem occurred; (2) Great communication skills; and (3) techniques for solving problems. Then, minimum qualification to be a candidate of this programme is you have to be in N2 qualification for minimum qualification for the program. If you are be the successfull candidate of this programme, you will be under 27 months contract. So, besides you will accept many experiences in theoritical and practical, you will be have a contract with MINTEK.
After meet the requirements and if you are consider that you are fit with them, please don’t hesitate to register yourself as a candidate of MINTEK Learnership. you just have to send these following documents, such: (1) Curriculum vitae; (2) Certified academic record; (3) copy ID; and (4) N2 certificate copies. Please send your application, completed with ALP/2015/010 as the title reference and also as the subject of your email to no more than 28 October 2015. So, this is the chance for you to improve your ability and get your dream job.