By | November 29, 2016

Mintek Bursary Scholarship Program

Are an undergraduate student from certain school or university and you are looking for scholarship program. Then, you can apply this program to get scholarship. Mintek Bursary offers you several fields in this undergraduate program. The programs are all of sciences and engineering study program such as mechanical engineering and chemistry. This program is now open. There are so much chance for candidate to develop their skill and carrier with this scholarship program. Beside there are so many benefits that is offered by this program.
Undergraduate Mintek Bursary program is a program of mintek’s institution to ensure that they can supply highly skilled and trained employee for companies operational in order to fulfill the needs of expert in mining and construction work. This program also held to fulfill needs of researcher and manpower development. And it is also held to provide appropriate skilled for South Africans mineral and metallurgy sector. In the other hand, there are many benefits that applicants will get from this program. The first, company will cover the full payment of registration, they also will get tuition and residences fees. The applicants also will have an allowance with a commitment to work at mintek in a year for year basis. When the students complete the studies, mintek also held intensive training for student. This training is aimed for developing student into exceptional engineers/scientist.
Vacation work also held by bursar to impart necessary knowledge, skills and experience that is need for research, development and the other purposes. It is aimed to evaluate the students as potential employees. The vacation work will be held at the end of students first, second and third undergraduate years for approximately 8 weeks. Mintek Bursary scholarship program will be closed at 31th July. If you interest to join in this scholarship program, please download mintek bursary application and the send your application letter/application form alongside with CV, copy of Current ID, and several important documents.