By | November 29, 2016

National Treasury Bursary Scholarship Programme

When it comes to Educational needs, then it is everyone’s rights, that’s why to aim that mission, National Treasury of South Africa offers young generation with excellent brain but in need of financial support to apply for bursary scholarship programme. Yes, just like any other bursary opportunity, National Treasury bursary also applies some requirements to follow to gain the opportunity of this bursary scholarship programme. Anyway, for that matter, they are; you must a SA citizen, in financial need, proven document of such field that you choose at University, and willingness to study in or under Q2.
Additional information for you, if in the time you apply of this bursary opportunity, you are in matric, then you must hold a certificate of Grade 12 with average of result about 65% or higher if you want to broaden the chance of joining National Treasury bursary opportunity bursary National Treasury. However, if in the time you apply for this opportunity you already are in University, then be sure you hold about 65% or higher result for your yesteryear study at University. Then, when applying, be sure that you familiar with the preference field of study, speaking of it, they are; Banking, Tax Law, Financial Engineering, Development Economics, Accounting, Financial Management, Econometrics and Economics.
To apply for this, ensure to download application form and attach; cover letter which is filled of motivation and interest, certified ID, academicals records, registration proof from the University, guardian/parents proven salary information or if unemployed you need to show affidavit, death certificate for deceased parents, and certified SA ID of guardian/parents. Next, send your National Treasury bursary application to; The GDP Specialist Talent Management, National Treasury Private Bag X115, Pretoria 0001 before its closing date on June 12th. Addition, the official will discourage any application which is sent through email or fax.